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Click on any of the following frequently asked questions and learn more about Harvest + Co. If your question or concern isn't answered here, please contact us via

What kind of work do we do?
We design and build custom cabinetry solutions for the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, pantry, laundry room, living room, home office, etc. We design and build tables, desks, cutting boards, and bedroom furniture. That’s it.
Why order furniture from us?
The custom furniture you'll purchase from Harvest + Co is unlike anything you would buy from any major furniture store. We utilize real American hardwood, oftentimes milled right here in Southwest Michigan, use mostly non-toxic finishes, and create thoughtful, functional, and sustainable designs for your home or office that are meant to last. During the COVID-19 pandemic, American furniture sales went up by $4B. In fact, e-commerce furniture sales hit $27B in 2021. But, many of the furniture items purchased from the big box stores or online sites were designed with a 5-year life expectancy. And, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture each year (up 450% since 1960). Why would we want to design and build furniture when the market is saturated with such high sales figures? If you've read this far, you can probably point out why. We're not building cabinetry or furniture from particle board or using toxic finishes. We want to envision, design, and create lasting furniture pieces that will be passed down through generations. We're more about helping create a generational legacy than we are contributing to the overabundance of garbage in the landfills. And, unlike most dining tables from the store, ours can be refreshed or refinished when the time comes.
What should I know about stained tables or cabinetry and wood grain variation?
Every piece of furniture will have a unique grain pattern and slight color variation as a result of the grain pattern. We cannot guarantee exact stain matches to other tables we've done in the past. Wood does have a mind of its own and every piece of wood accepts stain differently. We cannot control it. We will use the correct stain or paint color that you requested for your order, but there is a strong chance the color will vary slightly from the table or picture you were thinking of when you placed the order. This is normal. We cannot rework the finishing on your table to get a perfect match.

We do NOT match stain colors off of photos. The only way we can do any type of custom stain color for you is if you bring us the stain yourself, tell us which type of wood to use, and provide clear, detailed instructions for how the stain was originally applied on the sample piece. All wood types receive stains differently. Once you bring us the stain and tell us which wood to use and provide application instructions, we will do what you've asked, however - we cannot rework staining that did not come out exactly as you had in mind. Why? Because - every piece of wood has a unique grain pattern and there will always be slight color variations. The only thing we can guarantee is that there are no guarantees.
What should I know about Harvest + Co before ordering?
Harvest + Co is a garage started, locally owned, christian-based woodworking company that loves connecting families around the table. Harvest + Co offers custom tables and furniture that are hand-built by a small team of local craftsmen at our shop in Southwest Michigan. We also offer a collection of furniture that we source responsibly and hand-finish onsite. You should also check out our cosmetic standard here. We’ve been active in the greater Kalamazoo community since 2015 and have been designing and building custom cabinetry just as long as we’ve been building furniture. Take a look at our cabinetry page.
How do I order furniture or cabinetry?
1. Order online at
2. Order over Facebook Messenger.
3. Send us a message using the Contact Form with your vision and needs/goals for a space.
4. Call us at 269-350-5462 or send an email to
5. Stop by the shop/showroom to start a conversation. Call or email beforehand to make sure we’re not offsite.
How do I customize my dining table?
1. Visit our online store to see what table designs and styles we have available.
2. Pick a design based on your goals for the space it’s going in.
3. Choose the length that best fits your needs. Check out this helpful diagram that compares table size to seating capacity.
4. Choose what type of hardwood you want for the top.
5. Choose the color table base you’d like. If the base is metal, choose the powdercoating color. If the base is wood, choose which color you’d like it painted. Some tables may have an option for a base that matches the top.
6. Don’t quite see what you’re looking for, contact us so we can help Envision, Design, and Create the table of your dreams.
What payment options do you offer?

1. When ordering on our website, you can use Debit, Credit, Paypal, Apple Pay.
2. When ordering custom furniture or cabinets, you have the option of paying with Debit, Credit, Cash, or Check. All orders paid with debit or credit will include a 2.9% processing fee.
3. We do not offer financing options at this time (yet).
What does your warranty statement look like?
Wood is a natural, organic material that may change with changes in temperature and/or moisture. This custom designed and constructed furnishing has been handcrafted with lots of care and attention to detail to ensure that you will be able to use it for a long time.

Regarding furnishings that are stained or will be stained - we cannot guarantee that each board used will soak up stain the same as another. Grain variations exist and this contributes to the uniqueness of each piece designed and built.

If there is any fault in craftsmanship that results in a subpar piece of furniture, we will work with you to devise a satisfactory solution which will include returning the subpar piece of furniture. If it is deemed that modifications or alterations have been made to your custom furniture, then any warranty is null and void and we will not offer refunds or exchanges. If an item is designed and made to the customer’s original specifications and the customer decides to change color or dimensions of a piece after delivery, we will not offer refunds or exchanges.

Furthermore, most custom furnishings orders require a minimum, non-refundable 50% down payment for material and supply costs. Cabinetry projects require a minimum, non-refundable 65% deposit for material and supply costs. If at any time after the deposit is received and work has begun you decide to change your order, your final invoice will reflect the changes or need for additional/different material. Should you decide to cancel your order, your down payment will be non-refundable. If after a deposit is received and the project has started, you decide to postpone or delay your project then after 90 days the project will be considered canceled and the deposit will be nonrefundable.

A physical or digital signature, written agreement to conditions, and/or down payments constitute acceptance of these conditions.

Acceptance of finished product at the time of delivery makes the sale final and complete, no refunds or substitutions.

Harvest + Co is a relationally-focused woodworking company that envisions, designs, and creates handcrafted furniture and cabinetry.

Our vision is to be recognized as a company of excellence in the design and fabrication of high quality cabinetry and handcrafted furniture with a commitment to continuous improvement, intentional relationships, and thoughtful, functional, and sustainable design.

Can I get a price adjustment on my recent dining set purchase when a new (better) sale is announced?
While we understand your desire to get the best pricing for your purchase, all sales are final with respect to monthly sales and no price adjustments will be made.
You’ve mentioned Universal Design a ton on your website. What is Universal Design in Furniture? 
Universal design is an approach to creating products and environments that are accessible and usable by people of all abilities, ages, and sizes. When it comes to furniture, universal design means creating pieces that are functional and comfortable for everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. Traditional furniture, including current day farmhouse-style furniture, can pose challenges for people with physical limitations. For example, chairs with high backs or deep seats can be difficult for people with mobility impairments to use, while tables with sharp edges can be hazardous for people with visual impairments. Even farmhouse furniture with chunky legs and tall aprons can make it challenging to sit down and get up from the table. Back when we first launched the Colchester Gathering Table, one of our first public reviews was from a blind woman. She couldn’t see the table but was brought to tears after feeling the table. She understood the care we took in designing a truly accessible dining table. Universal design addresses the above mentioned challenges by incorporating features that make furniture more inclusive. Things like adjustable height, minimalist table legs or bases, cushioned seats, and rounded edges can reduce the risk of injury. Universal design in furniture also prioritizes ease of use and intuitive functionality, so that people with varying levels of ability can easily and comfortably use the furniture.

Finally, it's important to emphasize that universal design is not just for people with disabilities, but benefits everyone. For example, adjustable height desks and chairs can be helpful for people of different heights, while cushioned seats can be more comfortable for extended periods of sitting. The rounded corners on our Crosstown and Colchester Gathering Tables are safe for families with small children and older grandparents alike. By designing furniture with universal access in mind, we can create products that are truly inclusive and accessible to everyone.

What about Universal Design in Cabinetry?
Universal design in cabinetry is an approach to designing and constructing cabinets that are accessible and functional for all individuals, regardless of age, ability, or physical limitations. Some key features of universal design in cabinetry include:

• Pull-out drawers and shelves that make it easier to access items stored in the cabinet
• Soft-close hinges and drawer glides that reduce the effort required to open and close cabinets
• D-shaped cabinet pulls or handles that are easier to grip for individuals with limited dexterity or arthritis
• Clear cabinet doors and glass inserts that make it easier to see what is stored inside the cabinet
• Easy-to-grasp knobs or handles that require minimal force to operate
• Cabinets that are designed to accommodate larger appliances, such as wheelchairs or walkers. This might look like increasing the toe kick height or reducing the baes cabinet height.
• Ample cabinet lighting such as above cabinet, under cabinet, and toe kick lighting to softly illuminate the kitchen during twilight hours.

Overall, the goal of universal design in cabinetry is to create a space that is welcoming and functional for everyone, regardless of their abilities or limitations. By incorporating these features into the design of your cabinets, you can create a more inclusive and user-friendly space that is accessible to all.